image“I never thought that I would actually enjoy learning the German language and be enthusiastic about it. Heike has made that possible and now I am actually confident in speaking German where previously I wasn’t. But mostly, learning German with Heike is not just about learning the language, I also learn about German culture which makes it more interesting” Deepak, London

Good News!
Hi Heike ,
Want to let you know that I passed the A2 test 🙂
Thanks for your effort! Mo”

Heike is more than just a language teacher, she’s what I call a language ‘coach.’ Her greatest skill is sensing what a student uniquely needs in order to develop their own connection to the German language. Appreciating the qualities of German certainly makes it easier to learn – and she’s good at explaining them! – Tiffany, Basel.

Dear Heike, I wanted to say an extra “Danke schon”!  At the weekend A. and I were working on adjective endings for his test this week. We used your sheet of tips, as there were some in Akk/Nom/Gen/Dative. He came home with a great mark in the test today and said: “look, this one had MIT so I knew it must be Dative”.. he had remembered your sheet!!! I was so delighted. So thanks again for all your good tips. Hazel, Scottland

“I have studied German at other institutions and found these organizations where not the proper fit for me. I found Heike on her website, contacted her and felt an automatic connection. Heike is always positive, professional and most important, has a ton of patience! She has built up my confidence with speaking German.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Heike Reinhart- Basel Deutsch Lehrerin“- Jill Perucki, Basel

Finally the impossible became possible.

After many years of varied styles and methods of German language teaching, I had become very disheartened with the conventional unimaginative and inflexible German language teaching methods available that were simply unable to meet my challenging demands.

Having being committed a Swiss Einbürgerung application I was beginning to believe my goal was unachievable; the required B1 German language examination seemed to be beyond my reach.

Heikes tailored tutoring has without doubt been my savior. Accompanied with an all important scheduling that was flexible to fit around my very complex and irregular work patterns and busy family life.

The bespoke German lessons were interesting, entertaining, efficient, educational and above all effective – my B1 Goethe and Academia German language certificates are a clear testament to that.

In her one to one lessons Heike does not just provide German language teaching but a tailored package that encompasses a unique coaching style boosting confidence together with language skills to great effect.

R., Basel

I’ve been working with Heike for several months, and really enjoy learning German from her. She is well organized, happy to explore the details of the German language, and a patient teacher. Before working with Heike, I was struggling to learn German through self-study and some of the larger tutoring companies that provide rigid lesson plans. Heike’s approach has been a welcome change, and I feel like I’m making progress with the language again. Joe, Ohio
‘Heike is one of those rare individuals who is able to create a learning environment that students enjoy so much they don’t realise how much language they are learning.Her dynamic, warm and friendly approach to teaching has engaged my previously demotivated son and the results she achieved with him in a few months are amazing! I can imagine her teaching style enables students at any age to learn in a relaxed and fun way. Without hesitation I would recommend learning with Heike’ Susie, Basel

The best thing I did right after moving to Basel was taking the intensive German class that Heike taught. It helped me immensely to have a basic understanding of the language and to go out confidentially to increase my vocabulary base. The lessons were easy to navigate as Heike is a patient, thorough and understanding teacher. In a relaxed atmosphere she mixed up how she taught us by using games, role play and practical activities. Not only was it a language class, she also explained cultural issues. I highly recommend her at whatever level of German you are at.

Isabelle O., New York/Kenia

“Liebe Heike,

Auch dir herzlichen Dank für die Zeit mit Hugo. Er hat sich immer richtig gefreut (ehrlich!!!) mit dir zu arbeiten. Er ist der Meinung, dass du ihn am weitesten voran gebracht hast von allen seinen Lehrern. Wir sind jetzt gerade dabei, seine deutsche Uni Karriere voranzutreiben und hoffen auf positive Bescheide. Er wird am Wochenende seinen Antrag mit seiner Selektion der Städte zu Hochschule.de schicken und dann wird man sehen … Aber Boston College ist ihm ja sicher und darauf freut er sich auch.

Lieber Gruss,


“If you, your wives, and/or kids would like 1:1 or family lessons that include travel & cultural tips, I highly recommend my German teacher Heike Reinhart. She was referred to me by other good expat friends, and I’m having a very good experience so far about 10-15 lessons in. Heike’s personable, has lived in US for many years, and provides a multi-model or tailored conversational teaching approach.

More about her:

Jessica, USA”

I tried several different German teachers, schools and learning methods and I was about to give up with German when I had my first trial lesson with Heike. I was fascinated by her teaching style and I have been on a weekly program with her for almost one year now. I would highly recommend Heike as a very reliable teacher in terms of knowledge, understanding of your needs, flexibility, balance between making the lesson challenging and pleasant at the same time. With Heike the German language is not just a subject of study, it becomes something alive, really part of your life!

Anna M., Italy

Liebe Heike, Gestern hatte ich eine 90 Minuten Arbeitstreffen. Alles auf Deutsch!! Ich bin so glücklich! Unsere Original Strength Gespräch am Montag war so hilfreich! You are the best teacher EVER!

I have taken German lessons with several other German teachers and Heike is by far the most engaging and effective classroom teacher I have had. She makes learning German fun, with a variety of creative exercises including games, stories, recipes, songs, and general conversation. She balances this with the traditional book learning, and often has very practical ways to help teach difficult concepts. In a lassroom setting, each individual has slightly different characteristics, not only in ability, but confidence, and Heike has been very good at

recognizing and reflecting these differences, challenging and encouraging each student appropriately.

I was so impressed with her teaching that my two children (5 and 8) have taken private lessons with Heike, and the youngest is in a weekly group class. Heike makes it fun for the kids too — also with a good mixture of games, stories, songs and worksheets – all age appropriate.

Although I have not had the time to commit much more than a few hours a week, and in general find it challenging to learn languages, I have been very happy with the progress I have made working with Heike.

Michelle, USA

Heike creates a fantastic, relaxed learning environment. She plans lessons and teachings specifically to fit your learning style and pace. 

Heike has fantastic tips and tricks to help with learning all the different rules and sentence structure, which I have found incredibly valuable for day to day use. I have really enjoyed learning German thanks to Heike and can see the progress from her lessons.

Rachel, Newsealand

May I also take this opportunity to express how very helpful I have found the lessons with Heike. I have tried to learn German before but never really managed to muster the confidence to really speak the language outside the classes. Heike has changed this – our classes and her approach  have given me the confidence to try. I now try to have conversations with colleagues, mothers at my daughter’s school and others in German –  not always successfully but I am learning a lot on my way. I am also actively reading and listening to music in German – all of which is helping me to progress. Rachel, UK


So exciting to have students from all over the world!
I can learn so much from them while helping them to improve their German.
Please let me know if I missed you and your country.



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