Heike Reinhart

Born and raised in Germany, Heike Reinhart has spent the past 8 years living in the US where she developed a business in education, mentoring and “cross cultural” training.
Last spring, Heike again relocated – this time to Basel, Switzerland – where she has now established her own business with an emphasis in “cross cultural” training. Heike has provided training for both groups and individuals in Fortune 500 companies in the US. She is bringing together global professional and cultural experience in dealing with cultural diversity. She has taught German to adults and graduate students, and mentored international students studying in the US.
Her own experiences as a German, adapting to American customs and cultures, and now to Swiss customs makes her uniquely qualified to mentor and teach ex-pat professionals who are adjusting to new cultures.
One of her passions is languages. She speaks German, English and French and is in the process of learning Spanish.
The other passion is to travel and learn about different cultures. Her international travel brought her already to four continents.

German Language and Cultural Consultant
at Reinhart Consulting
Connecting Language to Cultural Understanding

Deutsch in Basel, Switzerland




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