Intercultural Training

Cultural Training - Princeton University 201

Born in Germany, Heike Reinhart had being living in and experiencing the U.S. for nearly eight years. In 2015 she returned to Europe, not to her home country rather a new country Switzerland. Settling in Basel in the Dreiländereck giving her a connection to France, Germany and Switzerland to experience three rich but different cultures.

After broadening her professional experience from Germany into the US corporate world she completed her specialization in “Cross Cultural Training” and is now working as a consultant and teacher and mentor in the US. She is bringing together professional and cultural experience in dealing with cultural diversity. Based on this she started her second professional career in Cross Cultural training.

Heike Reinhart’s experience getting adjusted to life and work in the two different countries gives her a unique insight into the challenges faced by professionals from different cultures and backgrounds and how to effectively master them. 

One of her passions is languages. She speaks English and French and is in the process of learning Spanish. 

The other passion is to travel and learn about different cultures. Her international travel brought her to Austria, Belgium, Canada, Corsica, Croatia, Cyprus, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, France, Finnland, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sardinia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, US (more than 40 states).


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