CUBA ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡บย 

Flight with CONDOR from FRA, e.g. Havana and Varadero 


we rented on Airbnb in Old Havana. The address was Aguair No 63 Apto 6 /cuarteles y Pena Probe. Habana Vieja and the host was Manon. Her phone number is 0053 52558432 and the taxi driver who spoke English was Omar and his mother lives downstairs and he visits every day so if anybody wanted a guide and taxi I would definitely recommend him 

Hotel Raquel is nice

Massage in Hotel IBEROSTAR

Cigar factory, buy ticket in hotel

Social Bueno Vista Show


– LA IMPRENTA, Calle Mercaderes No. 208

– LA GUARIDA, Concordia No. 418 e (very interesting building, unbelievable)

Salsa Class

-La Casa del Son, Empedrado 411 entre Aguaclae y Compostela, Habana Vieja

Stay in Hotel FLORIDE

Go on the hop on hop off bus, just a bus to connect the hotels outside of the city (take an Oldtimer for an hour instead)