Napoli, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Italien🇮🇹


Ercolano: Miglio d’Oro Park Hotel

  • Great pool
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Nice, a little bit more expensive restaurant with great food at place

Pizzerias and Restaurants in walking distance

  • Tubba Catubba (Typically)
  • Luna (Pizza)
  • Pasticceria Sannino, Via 4 Novembre (dolce)

Location, 10 min walk to train: Circumvesuviana
Neapel (20 min), every 20 min

Sorrento (40 min), every 30 min

Vesivio (20 min by bus) (

Beach: black lava sand, Villa Favorita, ok, 10 min walk

Port for direct ferry ⛴ ride to Capri (EUR 39), 10 min Walk (HP Travel, Laser Capri s.r.l.)


Best time to visit 4.30/5 pm, all groups are about to leave and sun goes down

Scavi Ercolano

David thinks it is better since smaller and less crowded, get a tour guide


Eat: R. Buonocore (Great cookies and small delicious appetizer)

You can take a funicular up on top of the hill and have a great view and an expensive shopping paradise (Prada etc.)

Posatino & Amalfi via boat/bus trip from Sorrento


Great trip and fun boat ride

Maybe not necessary to visit both super touristic places.

There is also a hop on hop buses:

which go along the coast. I think a combination of bat and bus would be nice.


Drink fresh lemon juice (A’Sciulia)
Have coffee and delicious Italian pastries (Bar Pasticceria Leone)
And do some people watching.


Paradise Lounge Bar: have a drink or ice cream before you board the boat. Cozy place, great view


Have lunch or dinner at “Marina Grande” at any place. Very cute


very crowded, dirty city where you can watch the crime

Not recommended to go, if do not bring valuables at all, no jewelry