Reykjavík Island 🇮🇸

“Smokey Bay” because of a misunderstanding of the Geysir as smoke

In 2017: 120.000 Population

Norwegians were the first settlers.

Now a huge Polish community.

Geothermic is used to heat the house. It is cheap, no need to save. Outgoing pipes are under driveways to deicing.

Tap water smells like sulfur.

Fruits and vegetables are grown in Icelands, green house provide 75 %.

At one point beer was prohibited 1915- 1989. Now a lot of breweries.

To do

Northern Lights Tour

Golden Circle Tour and Fontana Spa with bread tasting


Hallgrimskirkja is the largest church in Iceland (it stands at a whopping 244ft) as the weather was on our side and we enjoyed the view from the top. Because of it’s height it’s visible right across the city so was pretty easy to find!

Museum: Aurora Reykjavik

Harpa Opera: Free architecture

Thermal pool L….


Kopar (great cozy place for a drink, food fancy)

Islandic Fish&Chips (fresh fish, close to Harbour)

Kruska (Bistro Style, fresh food, fish, chicken, vegetarian) close to

Transfer to city with FlyBus (easy)


Thermos for bus rides, day trips

Ski pants in the winter for trips

Best place to shop – tax free – at the airport. Great stores honestly!