Test Preparation Help 

Übung macht den Meister!

The two major German tests are

Goethe and TELC

which show proficiency to apply for university or citizenship.


The tests are similar but not the same. I think the most important is to have a private coach who will guide you to take the first step in choosing the right test for you. And this should be chosen together depending on your written and oral skills.

You have the possibility to take the test in Switzerland or Germany or your home country. 

I like the following books to prepare for the test

 • Prüfungstraining DaF: A2 – telc Deutsch A2: Dieter Maenner

 • So geht’s noch besser zum Goethe-/ÖSD-Zertifikat B1: Ignatiadou-Schein…

 • Mit Erfolg zu telc Deutsch B2: Zertifikat Deutsch Plus. Hans-Jürgen Hantschel

As well, I also do highly recommend the practice tests on their web pages. 

Good to know: If you fail in one part depending on the test you just can be retested in this one part.


What ever test you chose you need to be familiar with the topics you will be tested on and the respective vocabulary: Umwelt, Medien, Gesundheit.

Knowing helpful tricks to determine the gender or the case is very important since it will be impossible to know everything. Try to use diminutive or dative plural if you do not know the gender of the verb. Use

 • Double conjunctions

 • Passive voice

 • Subjunctive

 • Dative verbs

to show off in your writing.


If you choose to take either one of these test or another one, I can help you master some of the complexities.

In order to learn more about the tests or my teaching techniques, please contact me. I am looking forward to help guide you.

Übung macht den Meister!